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Water Refiner

Water Refiners

Many homeowners know what a water softener is, but how many know what a WATER REFINER is. What is a water refiner? The water refinery process is a filter system used to remove impurities and minerals like calcium, magnesium and chlorine from your water. Why Use a Water Refiner? In addition to the pure enjoyment […]

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Water Softner

Everything you need to know about hard water

WHAT is it? Hard water is 121+ milligrams per litre as calcium carbonate. HOW does it happen? When rain falls from the clouds, it is pure. On its way down to earth, it absorbs carbon dioxide and other impurities in the air. As the rain soaks into the earth, it collects more impurities, calcium, magnesium […]

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Mom and daughter filling glass of water

Still Buying Bottled Water? Save Money and Live Healthy Now

Savvy consumers are learning that an investment in a drinking water system can actually save money over buying bottled water. Bottled water is awkward, heavy to cart around, and environmentally unfriendly. Today’s water treatment systems allow you to enjoy exceptional water quality without the heavy bottles. And best of all, a whole home filtration system […]

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