Reverse Osmosis

Reverse OsmosisOur natural water supply is being polluted in different ways each day. Chemical spills and leaks seep into our underground water supply while rain and melting snow carry pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers into our natural streams, rivers, lakes and wells. Your family deserves the highest quality water without the harmful chemicals. Ecowater Bowmanville’s reverse osmosis systems remove what the world puts into your water.

EcoWater Bowmanville’s RO systems utilize a special membrane that separates minerals and impurities from your water, effectively removing substances such as lead, mercury, chlorine, sediment, calcium, sodium, flouride and nitrates, which are then flushed to the drain. Achieve the highest quality of water without the added cost of trucking, storage, fuel expenses, bottling, wages, and insurances. A point of use water system eliminates all of these middleman costs and lets you enjoy fresh purified water for pennies per gallon.

Enjoy your very own bottled water system without the heavy bottles. Tap into great-tasting, crystal clear water; tap into EcoWater Bowmanville’s RO system. Be sure to ask about our rental and rent-to-own plans.